The Old Baths 


were built in 1934. The formerly known as Gainsborough Road Public Baths provided the local residents with slipper baths, 24 for men and 24 for women and a mechanical laundry quite revolutionary for its time.

The building was fully restored to it's current state back in 1994 and it is one of Hackney's listed buildings as a rare blend of Art Deco and Modernist style.

At the entrance of the building you will find The Old Baths Cafe, where Gaia Pulses is preparing awarded traditional Greek Food along with Breakfast and Brunch favourites, speciality coffees and Wild Herbal Teas. The rest of the building is used as Photographic and Film studios, there is a dark room and a Gallery and Events space for hire. Check out the evening classes that are available for the local Community.

Welcome to The Baths.

All photography provided by CWL


The Lounge

Our Lounge is a multifunctional space, open to the public as a free work space, a Gallery where local artists are exhibiting their work and a space where local teachers use for yoga, dance and fitness classes. 


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The Old Baths Cafe

Is a friendly hang out for locals as well as models, fashion designers and photographers who come into the building to use the studios. The food is inspired by authentic Greek cooking with plenty of healthy and organic options in affordable prices. Homemade jams and Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil are some of the artisanal products available at the deli.

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the studios

Need a studio for your Project?

Check out our studios.

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